Africa’s First Green & Smart Estate Demystified

Over time, since the past 8 years, the real estate sector has had a great change in delivering smart consumer eco-friendly home that is unique in all form, different from what it used to be in the 19th and 20th century. Only a few of them are built-in Africa and are rather called a “Smart Home” instead.

A green and smart home is an energy-efficient home built with smart home automation devices which control the use of water, electricity and gas. Which the end consumer (occupants) have access to them all at a snap of their finger or on a tablet, smartphones…etc. 

This modern stylish built smart home is popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, the number of US smart homes grew over 15 million by the end of 2016, representing around 12.5% of total US household. The year 2021 is predicted to record at least 28% of household in the US to be smart homes.

In the United Kingdom, approximately 6.6 million homes are rated as having poor energy efficiency. Which the clear need for more energy-efficient housing in the country, is on its way to becoming mandatory. 

At Odine Homes, our presence in the real estate industry is about bringing a change from what the usual homes used to be, that’s why we’ve decided to be the frontiers of “Green and Smart” in Africa. Following the United Nations — Sustainable Development Goal for 2030, which goal Nō 7 state that “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” this is our drive to creating a better experience for our consumers (occupants). 

Pay attention to this… The uniqueness in our green and the smart estate is not only that it is built with a luxury aesthetic, fully furnished interior design, but it is built with the foremost known “Mechanical Stomach” called the biodigester, which helps in producing renewable energy like biogas, through waste. This helps a lot by saving you from air pollution, and unhealthy fuel for cooking. 

This Green and Smart estate is an amusing eco-friendly environment, where your safety, fun, relaxation, and serenity is all secured. You might want to call it a mini-city of wonders. 

One thing that stands sure in all we do to build affordable green and smart homes is that we are more deliberate about the choice of the location we build these estates, they are strategically located in the urban areas of the state or nearest location close to it. Which would be of great benefit when invested in.

Car charging ports as Tesla cars are already surfacing in Lagos and being a company that has INNOVATION as one of its core value, it’s good to think ahead as the residents will be high-class individuals that can own a Tesla, which makes it a smart move to provide a car charging port in case other electric car brands show up in the future.

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